Robin Padilla's marriage advice reveals a lot of truths

Read what he told his daughter Kylie Padilla and son-in-law Aljur Abrenica

It has been months since fans and netizens have been wondering how Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica are doing. With so many posts and quotes with hidden meanings, these make their followers think twice about what's really going on with them.

In a YouTube interview by Ogie Diaz, Robin Padilla was asked about this situation. Is it true? Have they broken up? Yes, he confirmed the speculated news that the two have now separated and that there was a third party involved. And as a father and a husband who has gone through a lot, he shared some of the conversations he had with the young couple—separately. Here are some of his wise words.

Martyrdom has long been gone
Robin understands what his daughter is going through. She even told him that she couldn't take what's been happening. "Hindi na uso mga martyr ngayon," he says regarding the situation, fully supporting his daughter's decision.

Parents shouldn't meddle
Parents will be parents. So when we see our children hurt, it's natural to try to help solve their problems for them. But now that they are married, parents shouldn't get involved. It may, or may not, get solved. But if it does, you want your relationship with your children and your in-laws intact—for everyone's sanity. And Robin understands this, "Wala naman papel ang tatay dun. Ako, ha, hindi ka dapat makialam. Away ng mag-asawa iyan. May mga anak pa."

Keep it private and personal
Robin also revealed that Aljur gave him a call, but he didn't pick up. Instead, he texted his son-in-law, "Isa lang ang gusto ko—tumigil kayo sa social media. Nakakahiya iyan." It can be remembered that the couple sharing cryptic posts which got fans and followers curious about their situation. He also reminded that the repercussions always involves the children, "Baduy na baduy ako sa social media! Para sa akin lang, makikita ng mga anak mo yun."

Don't give up so easily
Robin also believes that the couple still loves each other. "Imposibleng wala (love)," says Robin. "Nagtaksil yun isa? Tao ka, mangyayari at mangyayari iyan," he says about cheating, especially for celebrities. He still hopes that Kylie and Aljur will be able to fix thing. "Sana.. kasi para sa mga bata, sa mga anak nila. At sana huwag nila patagalin kung magbabalikan sila."