Alice Dixson falls prey to mall pickpockets

Alice Dixson recently shared the recent many "firsts" she experienced in relation to her upcoming show "Legal Wives."

According to her, it's her first to do a show that tackles Filipino Muslim polygyny.

It is also her first time to work with most of the cast.

It's also her first teleserye amid the pandemic, and in the course working on the show, she had her first baby.

Lastly, is the one-of-a-kind experience she had just a day before they started lock-in taping.

Alice related she was victimized by a gang of pickpockets operating in a certain mall who took away her phone.

She shared that it happened last June 29, while she was shopping.

"I will eventually share the whole story but in a nutshell it was believed to be a group effort of 4-6 women (one cross dresser man), 2 of which bumped me from the front & back ayon sa CCTV footage," she said, relating the police investigation has concluded.

Alice capped off her post by reminding others to be "very, very mindful of your belongings and people na dumidikit dikit sa inyo sa public spaces."