Oops! Roque now says Duterte NOT yet fully vaccinated vs COVID-19

Four hours after confirming that President Duterte was now fully vaccinated, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said the Chief Executive has yet to receive his second dose of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, President Duterte, and PSG commander BGen. Jesus Durante III (Palace photos, Facebook)

Roque made the clarification after Presidential Security Group (PSG) commander Brigadier General Jesus Durante III revealed that Duterte has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 since last month.

In a statement, Roque said Durante was misinformed about the President's supposed second vaccination, adding that the PSG chief already apologized for his remarks.

"Gen. Durante was mistakenly informed by his medical staff that a second dose was already administered to the President," Roque said.

"Further, Gen. Durante has admitted, apologized, and rectified his earlier remarks. We hope this clarifies the matter," he added.

On Friday, June 25, Durante said that President Duterte received his second shot of China's Sinopharm vaccine two weeks after his first one on May 3.

"Si Pangulo po ay vaccinated na po siya (The President is fully vaccinated)," he said.

"Fourteen days after yung activity, nagkaroon po siya ng second dose (after he received the first shot, he had his second dose)," he added.

Roque, later on, confirmed that President Duterte has indeed completed his vaccination. However, he said it took place early this month.

"Gen. Durante has personal knowledge of second shot. It was given after EUA (emergency use authorization) was granted to Sinopharm," he said.

Durante's account implied that President Duterte completed his COVID-19 vaccination around May 17, two weeks after his first shot. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Sinopharm the EUA on June 7.

Roque had said President Duterte decided to wait for the EUA to be granted before receiving his second dose.