Despite evils, God’s Kingdom will succeed 

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A young man who was known for his impatience once prayed, "Lord, give me patience...and I want it now!" His impatience must really be that bad!

Sometimes we grow impatient with everything, even with God when we see so much evil around us.

The slow progress in ending the corona virus pandemic, solving the economic recovery amid the devastating effect of global pandemic that have impacted on companies, offices, and homes move some to complain: "Why does God not do something? Is God's silence a proof of His nonexistence?"

Jesus provides some answers in this Sunday's twin parables of the mustard seed.

The kingdom of heaven, he declares, is like a seed growing. Growth, as we know, is a slow process. The seed has to germinate, sprout, then mature. The right attitude is to be patient and allow God's action to take its course.

In the parable of the mustard seed, Christ uses it to teach that the Kingdom of God may be small and insignificant but it grows until it becomes the biggest shrub. (A mustard tree is not common in the Philippines. The seed of "santol" or "duhat" may be closer to our experience).

Sometimes when we see so much hatred, poverty and unhappiness around us, we tend to ask, "Are we making any progress in the world or society? Is there more evil happening than good?"

Let’s not be pessimists but optimists who see the good things happening in the world. Think of the progress, for instance, made in civil rights. Some decades ago, human beings were sold as slaves and lawful segregation between blacks and whites were practiced but these inhumane laws have been abolished.

The miracles in Lourdes, France happening since 1858, in Fatima, Portugal, Guadalupe, and faith healing miracles do testify that there is a God who cares for us.

Science and medicine have made remarkable advances. Just consider the anti-corona virus vaccines that are being used now. USA, England, France, and other countries had the highest numbers of pandemic cases and fatalities but with inoculation of vaccines, the numbers have dramatically decreased, or even eradicated in some places. Of course, we are still exhorted to follow the health protocols for our own good.

Lest we forget, we Christians are not to be passive spectators in God's plan. We must be cooperators and promoters of his grace. God works in and through us to make this world a “little Heaven" where justice, truth, love and solidarity reign.

If we cannot directly stop the bigger hatreds and injustices which are obstacles to the growth of God's kingdom, then let's work for justice, love and peace within our own homes, our schools, and work places.

For instance, justice means giving what's due to our helpers and workers. If we don't give what's due to them as somebody quipped, that’s not justice anymore but “JUS-TIIS.” (Just bear the unjust treatment).

We may not see the results of the fullness of the  Kingdom of God in our own lifetime, but Christ promised that it will surely happen in his own time. “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away,” the Lord said.

Appeal to Mayor Joy Belmonte. Since the past months of lengthy lockdown, the nine tennis courts of Quezon City Sports Club (QCSC) have remained closed, except the three shell courts outside. The management,  tennis members, and employees cannot understand why the other tennis courts like those of Makati, Paco, Manila (Columbian), Amoranto, to mention some, have long been opened.

Most of the employees, trainers, and ball boys have been jobless, aggravating the present unemployment problem. With the onset of the rains, the outside shell courts could not be used; hence, all are closed. As one of the members, I have not known of any case of corona virus contamination when the courts were opened for a limited period.

Accordingly, the QCSC management and members of the tennis sports club are appealing to the local government head Mayor Joy Belmonte to please reopen the said courts already. Thank you.

Help COVID patients. Let me thank sincerely those who responded to my appeal for financial assistance for the poor COVID patients. May I appeal further since our funds are not enough. Any amount will be a blessing and help save the patients’ lives.

The Lord said, “Whatever you did to the least of My brethren, you did it for Me” (Mt. 25,40). For inquiry, e-mail me at: