Six places you know nothing about in Palawan

Discover more about the emerging gems of the best island in the world

BREATH-TAKING SIGHT An aerial view of Palawan

Palawan, however, still has numerous unappreciated destinations that are waiting to be discovered.

The Philippines prides itself as a tropical country that is blessed with islands, many of which remain unspoiled. Indeed, these islands are a source of pride for Filipinos, a showcase of what the country can offer to the world as a tourist destination.  Perhaps chief among these islands is Palawan, named “The Best Island in the World” countless times.

When you ask a tourist or a local why they think the island deserves the title, you are likely to lose count. Palawan is primarily known for the world-class beauty of its beaches and other natural wonders like the Underground River, Bacuit Bay Islands, Baracuda Lake, and Ugong Rock, among others.

Palawan, however, still has numerous unappreciated destinations that are waiting to be discovered. If you have been planning to visit the best island in the world, why not include these emerging gems in your itinerary?

WAIT FOR IT An artist perspective of the Diamond Beach Resorts

Cagayancillo Island

Known as the “Mecca of Scuba Divers,” Cagayancillo Island, southwest of Puerto Prinsesa, is where you will find the famous Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, dubbed as the center of the Coral Triangle. If scuba diving is part of your bucket list, this is the perfect place to check it off, as you will get a chance to scuba dive to see its beautiful reefs.

Photo by Asiaqua

Port Barton

Port Barton is a quiet fishing village just north of Palawan’s capital. It only started to gain tourist attention because its beauty is similar to that of El Nido, but without the busy nightlife. If you are looking for the perfect escape from the noise of life, this laidback little town is the ideal island getaway for you.

Brooke’s Point

Do you want to know what Palawan’s countryside looks like? Then Brooke’s Point is the best place to visit! In this town, you will see and experience the beauty of living in the province without all the city lights and stressful technology. You can also check out the beauty of nature since you will find the Ecological Park and AgriWorld Farm here.

Balabac Island

Dubbed as the “Maldives of the Philippines,” this island is a challenge for most tourists. It is one of the most challenging islands to travel to. It beauty, however, speaks for itself and it is worth all the trouble it takes to behold it, let alone experience it. You will get a chance to live in nature like a “castaway” on some of its islets. These sets of islands on the Southern part of Palawan are certainly paradise on Earth. 

Cape Melville Lighthouse on the southern point of Balabac Island, circa 1892

Balayong Park

An upcoming and significant infrastructure development in Puerto Prinsesa, Balayong Park is expected to host sports-related activities. The park is a part of the city government’s reboot of its tourism infrastructure and programs as it prepares to “recover in the next two to three years” from the ravages of COVID-19.

Balayong Park is one of Palawan’s latest developments that will help restore and sustain its disrupted tourism industry. Recently, only last March, three new ports in El Nido, Bataraza, and Coron also started operations. They are expected to significantly enhance the mobility and connectivity of people and goods in the province and facilitate movements to significant trading and tourism centers.

Besides improving the lives of the locals on the island, Palawan’s infrastructure developments will allow tourists to experience the beauty of the islands. Once the local tourism industry has fully healed, businesses and other sectors like real estate will soon follow its lead.

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