Indonesian fans assign Daniel Padilla as foster father to turtles

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's fans in Indonesia hatched another surprise for their idols.

This time, they adopted hatchlings in Saba Asri, Bali Sea Turtles Conservation, assigning Daniel as foster parent.

They announced the news on social media, posting a video of some of the turtle eggs hatching.

Daniel reposted the same.

As of June 10, 119 of the turtle eggs have already hatched.

Caretakers are still waiting for three more nests to hatch.

The caption read, "Yeayyyy welcome to the world baby turtles!! Say hi to your daddy @supremo_dp. Pls stay healthy until you are released into the sea."

A copy of the certificate of adoption was also uploaded online.

Prior, the same Indonesian fans planted trees in honor of Kathryn.