WATCH: This delivery rider's act of kindness becomes contagious

There’s another incident of fake booking in food delivery recently. In the video uploaded by Paulino Baro Collo Jr. on Facebook, a delivery rider was seen crying because the food he bought got canceled.   

Also a delivery rider, Paulino comforted him and offered to buy the food. But, according to him, he also thought of calling the fast food’s crew to ask if the food can be returned and the payment can be refunded. They were so thankful that the staff agreed.

But, the happy ending didn't result in a refund only. Paulino told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that he can't contain his happiness because his act of kindness became contagious with netizens reaching out to give financial assistance to the victim and even rewarding him.

“Nakakatuwa na napakarami rin palang mabubuting tao (It’s nice to know that there are lots of good people),” said Paulino.

Delivery rider Paulino Baro Collo Jr.

“Sa sitwasyon natin ngayon, Bayanihan ang kailangan natin (In our situation today, Bayanihan is what we need),” Paulino continued. “Kung may nangangailangan, tulungan. Kahit konting tulong pag pinagsama-sama nagiging malaki po yan (If there’s someone in need, let’s help. Even how little it is, it becomes big when combined).”

In this story, we shouldn’t focus on the one heartless customer, but instead on the little kind acts of people. We should highlight the likes of Paulino, his fellow rider, the fast food crew, and the netizens, who are spreading kindness and generosity that we shouldn’t mind getting infected with. Indeed, kindness is really contagious.