KitKat earns derision from netizens for alleged ill-wishing

Out of work since her very public spat with Janno Gibbs, KitKat is now making much of social media to keep herself relevant.

Just recently, she tired to pitch a product courtesy of a lechon company.

It was all good until a fan commented on her marketing skills.

The netizen pointed out, "Sana tinikman (mo) muna before you say it's yummy."

KitKat was quick to take umbrage with the suggestion.

She chided the fan, "Lungkot naman ng buhay mo pati pagkain ng iba inaabala mo, stressed ka?"

She didn't stop there.

"Naku masama yan baka magka-COVID ka.

"Pati buhay at pagkain ng iba pinakikialaman mo hahahah...

"Gudlak sa COVID mga ganyan pinupuntahan niyan."

The netizen shot back, "That's very classy of you to wish me COVID. I'm a fan who buys products that celebrities endorse/advertise/show. I am seriously disappointed di mo tinikman because I will base my purchase on that. Huwag ka nang mag endorse kung pikon ka."

Others joined in.

Some of the comments:

Wishing others ill? Tacky..."

"Napuna ka lang sana magka COVID na agad? Biro ang COVID 'te? Wow."

"Burn! Pahiya! Buti nga!"

"No wonder napikon si J sayo..."