Geneva Cruz faces heartbreaking reality of losing mom to COVID-19

Losing a parent is never easy. The days following it is always a blur. Geneva Cruz lost her mother to COVID-19 recently, and the days prior to this unfortunate event was a harrowing experience for her. "The eight days she was in the hospital were agonizing with ups and downs almost every day. Our only contact was through FaceTime and telephone calls," she says in her Instagram post.

Her mother was getting better, but it didn't mean she was home-free. "My doctor friend told me that Covid gets worse after a week, even if you’re starting to feel better a few days prior. That’s when pneumonia sets in, so you’re not really out of the woods yet until two weeks have passed since the onset of symptoms," she shares.

With their family not being able to spend time together physically and then moving on to hearing the untimely passing of their mom, one can imagine how this can break anyone's hearts. With everyone busy preparing for the funeral (be it intimate and simple), it still felt unreal... until they saw the urn. "It hit us that is is real, that she is really gone. COVID is real, and it isn't just like the flu because it is over ten times lethal as the flue, and it is worse for people who already have existing medical conditions, just like our mother."


She ends the post by reminding her followers to "love and understand your mothers, and focus on their goodness instead of their shortcomings because one day, when she’s gone, you would want to give all you have to have another kiss or hug from her."