Alice Dixson calls out 'narrow-minded' netizens asking her to stop travelling

Alice Dixson

Actress Alice Dixson didn't slam on the brakes as she lectured a basher telling her to stop travelling amid the global pandemic.

"The Legal Wives" actress who is currently abroad posted on April 16 that she will discuss her experience on traveling to North America on her vlog.

A netizen called out Alice and told her: “How do you even travel? We have no community transfer here in Australia, nobody has COVID.

“They have closed all our borders. We can't even move.”

“People should stop traveling so COVID-19 can go away soon, this is the reason why (the) world is infected because people don't remain where they are .. please stop travelling.”

Alice then replied: “Some people are very narrow-minded. Especially those who judge the actions of others without having any real understanding.

“My travels are of necessity - not of desire.

“Likewise I take responsibility and precaution. So instead of telling me what I should, I suggest you tend your own thoughts and life. Respectfully X @natelhr.”

Aside from this travel vlog, most netizens are more eager to see the actual baby reveal which she plans to include in one of her vlogs.