Paolo Valenciano shares funny story with dad Gary V while he's recovering

Paolo Valenciano

Live events Director Paolo Valenciano has a very creative mind and it shows in one of his conversations with his father Gary V while he was recovering from a recent health concern.

In an online event for AIA PhilAm Life, Gary V, Paolo and his wife Sam Godinez-Valenciano sat down and talked about family, and the importance of having a fully-secure life.

During the conversation, host Gelli Victor stirred the conversation to the "biggest fears" of Gary, Paolo and Sam.

The three celebrities are within varying age groups but their biggest fears remain the same: "To lose their child."

As Gary explained: "My biggest fear is to see them go first, ako I've been thinking na if I do go, I lived the life I wanted; I want to see them fulfill theirs."

Due to this, Paolo shared: "Eto dad, just to lighten things up ah. While he was still at the hospital, I told him: 'Dad if you survive this, your market will expand! Your fanbase, including cancer survivors, diabetes survivors, you can do hospital tours (vlog) and say 'look I survived!' "

Now that's a practical way to encourage someone to fight sickness. The Valencianos shared a good laugh while reminiscing the funny moment.

Both Paolo and Gary were looking superb in the online event, with both Paolo and Sam now happy with the resurgence of the entertainment industry online, while Gary is thankful for all the blessings they are receiving.

Paolo related, "It's nice to find new ways to put together shows, to help artists communicate and as parents; to find new ways to take care of our children — a really interesting time."

"I've been good, my family's great, I'm trying to be fit... job is back and somehow the silver lining in this pandemic is that we got to bond with the family even more." said Gary.

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