Bela Padilla shares her 'mysterious cave' experience in Turkey

Bela Padilla

Actress Bela Padilla has more stories to tell from the time she flew to Cappadocia, Turkey last year.

On Wednesday, March 3, Bela shared some snaps from her "mysterious cave" experience with a caption that reads: “This is Galip. Decades ago, he met a lady who left him and Cappadocia but not without leaving strands of hair stuck on paper with her name and phone number. Today, hundreds and thousands of people have left their names, numbers and their hair, to never forget a time in their lives that they have loved themselves, the people they were within this mysterious cave and of course, Cappadocia. enchantée, Galip.”

According to Bela's post, the cave-turned hair museum contains numerous strands of hair attached to a piece of paper with their phone numbers on it is a symbol of self-love.

Cappadocia is a definite must-see location in Turkey, known for their "fairy chimneys" or the tall, cone-shaped rock formations clustered within the region as well as underground caves, churches and the common sightings of hot-air balloons.

Bela, 29, went to Cappadocia last year where she took photos of the trip, most notably her boyfriend revealed as she posted a snap with her non-showbiz boyfriend, Norman Bay Ben back in Oct. 6.