Love, Baguio

Also read, Love Baguio.

Before the expected mad rush to “climb up” to escape the summer heat, seek refuge in the garden air of the City of Pines. Four seasons rule the city: spring (temperatures ranging from 17 to 22C)… Holy Week… Christmas… Daydreaming time.

Everyone who has been to Baguio keeps a special place in his or her heart for beautiful memories and the power of wishing to come back, stay longer the next time, or become a permanent resident and stay young longer.

MARKET DAY is every day at the tindahan of Baguio Country Club. Pick your vegetables like these fresh-as-the-morning lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic. Also available, canned goods and condiments. Replenish your box of tissues, alcohol supply, and other daily necessities.


ST. JOSEPH is the patron saint of the parish of Pacdal.

St. Joseph is Pope Francis’ problem-solver.


WHAT A VIEW!  Empty glass says enjoying the mountain scenery with a serving of fresh, pure strawberry juice is a good way to start the day at Baguio Country Club.


SHOPPING TIME with Coco Merrill at BCC. From old porcelain bowls to handmade dolls and beaded Easter eggs, Coco’s gift shop is lovely for browsing and shopping. Some of her gift lines support indigent women who weave wonders with recycled plastic, leather, and cloth.


MEDITERRANEAN FOOD at Lemon and Olives restaurant: salad with slices of pear, lamb chops garnished with vegetables. Delicious because authentic Greek.


TIME TO BLOOM! Until December, a festival of plants blooming in the company of herbs, spices, succulents, and other jewels from nature’s garden. A must-see for plantitas and plantitos from the lowlands. Entrance is free. The show was put together by employees of Baguio Country Club, every one of them a certified green thumb.

Photos from the author.