Liza Soberano, Barbie Imperial greet new grad Michelle Vito

Liza Soberano and Barbie Imperial are among celebrities who congratulated Michelle Vito as she finished college, recently.

Barbie attested how the 23-year-old star was so "hardworking" she would catch her studying between takes.

"Always proud of you and your achievements!! You're my inspiration," Liza said of Michelle, who earned a bachelor in science degree (majoring in human resource management).

Michelle was sentimental about the milestone, penning an appreciation post about it.

"I’m finally graduating! Although it took some time and some delays, my college life has now come to an end," she wrote.

According to her, she always wanted to go to regular school instead of doing online classes, even though she knows it would be harder for her given her work. 

"I wanted to live the life of a regular student.. Going to school, 10 mins break and long breaks, kain sa cafeteria and around taft, the feeling of being in a classroom, school activities, and marami pa," she related. 

Michelle admitted she’ll never forget her struggles, including "going to school straight from work and vice versa, mga pakiusap sa professors, thesis hanggang madaling araw, at walang katapusang revisions..."

"My college life is not only about graduating, getting my diploma, and having a degree but also about the unforgettable and irreplaceable experiences in between."

The young star then thanked everyone who inspired and helped her along the way, including family, friends, schoolmates, and professors.

"Lastly, to God, alam kong nandiyan ka the whole time, and thank you for listening to and answering my prayers," said Michelle.

"Benilde… Thank you for the five years filled with wonderful experiences. I only hoped that I could’ve ended my college journey at school and with a grand graduation ceremony.. Even though I’ve dreamed and waited for that moment for many years, the current situation taught me to be content and grateful for what we have at the moment. Everything happens for a reason, and I know God is teaching us a lesson. All is well with Him.."