VIRAL: Professor caught student playing COD in the middle of online class

Online classes, for parents, teachers, and students, are not a walk in the park. Unstable internet connection, gadgets that are not at par to the online schooling requirements, and a good studying/teaching environment at home are some of the many challenges that we are facing today.

And, yes, let's face it! There's not one child/student who wasn't caught playing games or watching videos while in class by their parents, but being caught by their professor is another thing.

TikTok user @ktcodm uploaded a recorded video of professor teaching in class, disrupted by a certain Mr. Rodriguez whose mic was not muted. It can be heard that he was talking to someone and playing Call of Duty (COD).

The professor, obviously infuriated, recorded parts of the video. He also tried talking to him, but one of his students explained that Mr. Rodriguez could have muted the online class session.

Watch this video: