Kielvj overcomes injury, tows Execration to sweep of Omega in MPL PH opener

Photo from Execration ML

Kiel VJ "Kielvj" Hernandez came out playing despite figuring in an accident as he steered Execration to a 2-0 sweep over Smart Omega in the opening match of the MPL Philippines Season 7 on Friday, March 19.

Dubbed as "The King", Kielvj bucked his injuries from an accident hours before the season opener, coming through with monstrous performances on Claude and Ling in the season-opening series to hand Execration its first three points for an early lead in Group B. 

The 16-year-old core/jungler suffered some wounds after the upper part of a double deck bed with a person on it fell on him on Thursday night.

He was rushed to the hospital and underwent a series of medical examinations. 

Fortunately, the two-time MPL champion was not seriously injured and got cleared to play. 

As Execration forced a late game against the magic-heavy lineup of Omega in the series opener, Kielvj's Claude got his core items before taking down opposing heroes with his Blazing Duet. 

Kielvj finished with five kills and five assists against two deaths in the come-from-behind 12-9 victory in 15 minutes. 

Execration once again survived Omega's early game onslaught, allowing Kielvj's Ling to secure Demon Hunter Sword, Endless Battle and Malefic Roar before taking over down the stretch. 

With Kielvj leading the charge, Exe wiped out Omega in the 12th minute and almost closed out the game if not for Salic "Hadjizy" Imam's Yi Sun-Shin defending the base. 

Kielvj and the crew though came up with a successful Lord in the 14th minute and pulled off a team wipe again to finish off Omega a minute later. 

Kielvj put up a perfect record of eight kills and seven assists while rookie side laner Mark "Kelra" Pillas unleashed an impressive MPL debut as his Alice provided support with six kills and eight assists against five deaths.