BEWARE: a new modus on online shopping delivery

When receiving a parcel ordered through online apps, the first thing one should check is the waybill which is attached to the package. It shows information such as origin and destination and other details relating to the shipment. If it’s missing, don’t hesitate to reject it.

Jay Jazon, a regular online shopper, received a parcel without the waybill. This prompted him to doubt the authenticity of the delivery. He shared his experience on Facebook.

According to Jay, last March 15, an alleged scammer handed him a package in an orange plastic bag similar to Shopee’s. But the parcel looked suspicious because his details, such as his name, his address (which were incomplete), and his supposed amount to pay, were written with a marker.

Proof of the suspicious parcel.

He suspected it to be fake not only because there’s no waybill but he also can’t even remember that he ordered an item amounting to P3,499. So after thoroughly checking it, he returned the package to have it canceled.

Jay was able to take a photo of the delivery rider, who was wearing a baseball cup, shades, and mask. He also managed to follow him and got a few clips from their CCTV where he discovered that the guy was joined with a man in a motorcycle.

Jay’s theory of the modus was that the suspected scammers are targeting houses with people whose online shopping behavior is to receive and pay cash on delivery parcels that are even addressed to other family members. In Jay’s simple words, they’re eyeing the clueless members of the family.

Jay reminds online shoppers that if you entrust the delivery to others, tell them to look for the waybill. Otherwise, don’t accept them.