PVL encourages players to get vaccinated

League also considers holding draft sessions starting next year
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Organizers of the Premier Volleyball League are not requiring players to get vaccinated but still encourage teams to do so once it is available.

“It’s better to be vaccinated than not be vaccinated because at least you’re protected getting serious sickness from this pandemic,” Sports Vision President Ricky Palou said in the Philippine Sportswriters Association Online Forum Tuesday, March 16.

Though not a requirement, Palou bared teams like Petro Gazz and those handled by Rebisco have reportedly ordered vaccines for their athletes.

“I’m not sure how they did it, but they said they ordered enough vaccines which they wanted to offer to the players. I’m sure they’re willing to offer this to other teams that wanted to avail if they’re able to get it early enough,” he said.

“I think this would be a big help if they’re able to do this so all players will get themselves vaccinated.”

The Open Conference is tentatively set on May 8 at the Inspire Sports Academy in Calamba, Laguna, although some teams are requesting to delay it for a few weeks to give more time for training.

There will be 12 competing teams in the conference.

Palou also said starting next year, the league will practice a yearly drafting system of players similar to fellow professional leagues like the PBA.

“2021 will be the last year wherein teams will be able to recruit on their own. If they want to trade, it’s going to be between teams,” Palou said, adding that the goal is for the “weaker teams” to have the chance to improve their lineups.

With the proposal, that would also mean that teams will no longer be allowed to hire mid conference.

In previous years, the league allows teams already in the Final Four to directly hire athletes from eliminated squads.