Brave Girls’ Rollin’ went viral 4 years after its release

It was back in 2017 when the fame-driven K-Pop girl group Brave Girls released their single entitled “Rollin’” (롤린) ,which got them on the Mnet Comeback Stage Countdown, and a few other K-Pop shows and performance stages in South Korea. Though it hasn’t gain much traction and attention for the past four years of its existence, this year, the song currently sits second place in South Korea’s Gaon Digital Charts.

Ten years ago, Brave Entertainment started a humble K-Pop Girl Group in South Korea named Brave Girls, with six eye-catching talented women. The group has now moved on to its second batch of popstars comprised of Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna. 

They released the single “Rollin’” about four years ago, after the band had revamped themselves with new lineup of members and a full redesign of their brand as a music group. They were selected as one of the eight girl bands supported by the 2020 Hallyu Linked Support Project by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency, which helped as a springboard for their group to attain international recognition. 

After their recent performance in a local TV show in South Korea, they have suddenly managed to bring that same song into the spotlight making it number two in the Gaon Digital Charts. Their fame even went international after more and more fan cams circulated and trended on YouTube. M2’s recent fan cam video had garnered at least one million views in the past three days since it was posted.

In an interview with tvX, the group’s leader Minyoung says that they “couldn’t believe that the song we released so long ago was suddenly back in on the music charts. We were bewildered and didn’t know how to react.”

Could the Brave Girls sustain their pitches on the top of the charts into another internationally renowned Korean girl group? Would there be more to expect from South Korea’s entertainment industry with the emergence of older K-Pop groups in the international spotlight?