Why Toni Gonzaga wanted a toddler room makeover for son Seve

Over the weekend, professional home organiser Issa Guico Reyes of Neat Obsessions shared a video on how she helped organized the toddler room of Seve. Mom Toni Gonzaga went into the "new" room amazed at how clean it is. "It relaxes your mind and calm you. Kasi ang clutter, nakaka stress siya."

Like most moms, she said that the thought of segregating and organizing stresses her out. "This is something that you make time for," she says. Issa reassured her that they just needed a little sorting, tweaking, and moving around.

When asked what favorite part of the room is, she said that she couldn't choose. "This whole room. This is my favorite area. This area reminds me of my life. Seve is my life. When I come into this room, it helps me leave all of my work outside the room. When I'm here in this room, I'm present," she says, being present when he's playing and when he's studying online.

Issa reminds viewers that having kids doesn't give you an excuse not to have a clean and organized home. She admitted to being guilty of this — "Magulo ang bahay ko, may kids e." Both moms agree that we should create a clean and organized environment so that our children can learn to appreciate the beauty of having a neat space.

"When we had a universal time out, that there's so much stuff we have that needs to be cluttered—emotionaly, materials, mga essentials lang talaga. You don't need much a few, and that is enough," says Toni who revealed that both her and husband Paul are OC. They had their house renovated and that's when they realized that they have so many unnecessary things that can be donated or be of use to other people.

"Let's make our house a home and not a storage place," she ends. Watch the full video here.