How social media became a useful tool in gardening

Gardening nowadays has taken a more modern twist than what most people are used to before. Aside from the common tools such as watering cans, shears, trowels, and more, time and innovation have given way to another gardening tool: social media. 

Through social media, gardeners can find inspiration on what they want their garden to look like in the future. Countless people have posted pictures of their gardens and how they went creative in designing it according to their preference, inspiring others to be imaginative in their own garden designs. 

Another way that social media has become a useful tool in gardening is that it has information on how to grow plants. Almost every platform contains guides and tips that both enthusiasts and professionals share for others to learn from. It is free and accessible so anyone can gain knowledge about gardening through social media. 

Some gardeners also use social media to identify plants that they’re not sure of and how to deal with them.

But the most recent role that social media plays in gardening is providing platforms where gardeners can buy and/or sell plants. Through curated groups or searching through the many facets of social media, gardeners can find specific plants that they want to buy. They can also use it to sell some of the plants they have to other gardeners. 

Through the internet and social media, gardeners have a more accessible platform where they can learn, connect, and make transactions with others who share the same interest, eventually giving them a place where they can have fun and share their gardening ventures. 

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