3 easy ways to protect your eye area

It’s about time we take extra care and attention

(Unsplash/Manila Bulletin)

Youthful, glowing skin has always been every woman's goal, but this new normal has given us the opportunity to focus on taking care of what can be seen amid the requirement of wearing face masks—our eyes.

Some may not be familiar, but our eye area ages faster than any other part of our face because it's very thin skin—at 0.5 mm thick to be exact. At the launch of BSKIN eye care multi-tasking power serum, the company’s founder Su-Mae Chia together with Filipino celebrity makeup artist Guilly Valenzuela gave three tips on protecting the eye contour area. 

AGE PROOF Eye care multi-tasking power serum is a new product that promises to reverse the signs of aging with its natural ingredients safe for sensitive skin
  1. Use sun protection

According to Su-Mae, the eye area is susceptible to wrinkles, eye bags, dark circle, and fine lines. Thus, protecting it using SPF products is important. 

“These problems don't only strike when you get older. The slowing of blood and lymph microcirculation around your eyes, leads to eye bags and dye circles. Repetitive eye strain from staring at devices, also makes things worse, your lifestyle, diet, stress, and lack of sleep, are also huge contributing factors,” she says. “You should always apply an SPF, even under your eye area, especially, when you're out in the sun to prevent sun damage.” 

2. Start early

“It's a common misconception that eye care products are only for when you're much older. But that's not true,” she says. “Start early. I would say as young as 21, in order to delay the aging process.”

3. Apply properly

Celebrity makeup artist Guilly emphasized the importance of applying skincare products properly before putting makeup to the face.

“Focus on skincare first,” he says. “Remember: The better skin, the better makeup you have.” 

He said that before using makeup, once should cleanse her face, apply toner, moisturizer, and to never forget to use eye serum and cream to dehydrate the area before the makeup. 

“Look for effective yet gentle products for this sensitive area, and always apply products with your ring finger in a gentle patting motion,” Su-Mae adds.  “Don't pick an eye serum just based on price, you definitely need to look at the ingredients listed and pick those that address your skin concerns. Finally, let your eye serum be fully absorbed before layering on makeup.”