A way into contemporary art

WEEKEND READ: Cartellino’s dynamic duo on a mission to make art more accessible

When it was officially launched in the middle of the ongoing pandemic, Cartellino supplied a rather important need—art that is accessible and affordable. Helmed by two ambitious young art enthusiasts, Tanya Mallillin and Elo Dinglasan, this online art digest and shop has found a way to connect a younger market to some of the most interesting and successful artists today, both from the Philippines and from other parts of Asia. 

Cartellino makes available online digital art, which could either be reproductions of originals or purely digital artworks that are then printed on demand for customers. Each print, in fact, comes signed by the respective artist. 

Elo Dinglasan and Tanya Mallillin

This, of course, has an appeal to the younger market, which might be interested in collecting art they cannot afford yet, such as the oil-on-canvas works. “We’re honest with what we do and, for the most part, we try our best. What can be more relatable to the youth than that?” Tanya and Elo tell Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Art collecting shouldn’t be an elite sport. Collecting itself is still under inquiry as to what it can be. People interested are people who keep an open mind. The art grows with you, in a way. And when you keep at it, you’d be surprised at what you’ll come to like.”

Cartellino’s duo, together with the guidance of Galerie Stephanie’s director Abby Frias Teotico, strove to survive the challenges of 2020. After all, they explain, “Anything can happen after 2020.”

As far as their online platform is concerned, however, Tanya and Elo believe the future will be the same but better. “Cartellino will stick by its tagline, as ‘a way into contemporary art,’” they say. “Cartellino’s future will be more of the same, but better, and a little more besides. We hope we get to continue collaborating with artists, find generative ways to showcase artworks, and earn the trust of the people we want to help. We hope we keep our ears on the ground moving forward.”