Customer cancels cake order on the day of delivery

A home based baker in Butuan City, Jackylou Sanchez Husain, stayed late baking an order of two 10x4 cakes for a 90-year-old birthday party. When she’s about to do the frosting around 4:30 am, she received a message that the celebrator had just passed away. In a now deleted post on a bakers' Facebook group, she asked for advice on what to do next, if she’ll have to finish the cake and send it as a gesture of condolences or just discontinue baking.

Many members of the group commented to continue and just give the cake, the same advice baker chef and vlogger RV Manabat would give. “So for the effort won’t go to waste, I would continue the cake and send it to the family. The challenge is, it’s hard to collect the payment, during their mourning times — I would just give the cake as a gesture of my deepest sympathy,” the chef advises.

Photo by Cats Coming,

Author of two baking books, Chef RV stressed the importance of contract or business agreement especially for customized cakes, even though you’re just starting the business.

“Normally, you may demand a non-refundable 50 percent deposit upon signing, while the remaining 50 percent balance should be settled on or before the delivery date. And in the terms and conditions, it should be stated that in unexpected events, like what happened to Jackylou, the 50 percent balance may not be charged anymore,” explains Chef RV.

In business, contract or order form, may it be print or digital, is important because they lay out expectations not just for the provider but also for the client. It protects both parties if expectations aren’t met. Written agreements may follow a structure that includes information details of both parties, event’s date and venue, description of goods or services, payment schemes, special instructions, and terms and conditions.     

As for Jackylou case, she told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Online that she just gave the two cakes, but only one has frosting. And that, her client was willing to pay for the cake later, but decided to waived it as well.