VIRAL: Computer shop staff lets elderly mom use their laptop and wi-fi for free

Humanity is tested when the going gets tough, and netizen Walter So has proven that good will always prevail.

In his Facebook post, he said that he couldn't resist not sharing the photo below. He started off by saying that "nanay" couldn't afford a gadget so the store staff allowed her to use their demo MacBook and free internet to keep in touch with her loved ones.

"I salute the store employees for being charitable. I hope the returns they get is ten fold. This is now my favorite store," he posted. "Covid has brought challenges for everyone, families have not seen each other for the longest time. It’s good that technology enables us to at least virtually keep in touch, at least for those who can afford. But for those that can’t, there are people like these employees who give a helping hand."

Walter has been observing "nanay," saying that she is great as using the laptop. "The employees have taught her well."

And as to why "nanay" doesn't seem to have a laptop, not even provided by her children, Walter assumed that this mom insisted that her children do not buy her a laptop, because she has everything she needs. Walter couldn't help but pay tribute to his very own mother who "raised a family of ten from nothing."

In less than 24 hours, and most probably from his post, he updated his post that someone bought "nanay" a MacBook.