Duterte vows to honor legendary Boholano as he pep talks typhoon victims

Published December 20, 2021, 3:47 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

President Duterte tried to uplift the spirit of typhoon-weary Boholanos on Sunday, Dec. 19, by promising to give due honor to revolutionary Francisco Dagohoy–one of the province’s most revered sons.

Francisco Dagohoy bust at Rizal Park in Manila (Photo from Wikipedia)

Duterte vowed to do so by declaring Dagohoy a hero and creating what he called the “Dagohoy Award”.

“I declared Lapulapu a hero. Lapulapu has been — the Tagalog named a fish lapu-lapu. They fry and stew it everyday. So I made him a hero. The medal — I made one of the medals of government ‘Lapulapu’. I will also make one for — just remind me. I will declare Dagohoy as a hero. I’ll make a “Dagohoy Award’ because he’s a hero,” he said in Bisaya as he addressed evacuees in Inabanga town in Bohol.

Dagohoy was born in Inabanga as Francisco Sendrijas in 1724. He is credited with having initiated the longest revolt in Philippine history, the Dagohoy Rebellion. According to Wikipedia, the rebellion against the Spanish colonial government took place on the island of Bohol from 1744 to 1829–roughly 85 years long.

In his speech, Duterte revealed that it offends him whenever he hears robbers being referred to as “Dagohoy”.

“They call holduppers ‘Dagohoy’ and that angers me. I’m angered by it because it’s mockery. Dagohoy is a great guy. Maybe you are all descendants of Dagohoy. He must have been a Casanova,” the Chief Executive said.

President Duterte addresses evacuees at Inabanga town in Bohol on Dec. 19, 2021. (Malacañang photo)

“If you are natives here, you are descendants of Dagohoy. So you should be proud that — because I will make him a real hero in the coming days. But let’s address our immediate problems first,” he added.

The name “Dagohoy” is a combination of the Visayan phrase dagon sa huyuhoy or “talisman of the breeze” in English, says Wikipedia.

Part of Dagohoy’s legend is his alleged ability to jump from hill to hill or across rivers. Asid from this, he supposedly possessed clear vision inside dark caves as well as invisibility–powers granted to him by the dagon or amulet (talisman) that he wore.

It is not clear when the revolutionary died, although it is believed that he passed away due to old age.

Bohol was among the provinces ravaged by typhoon “Odette” over the weekend.

“I’m from Bohol, my grandmother is from Maribojoc, that’s why Cebu is the first to… It’s not because I’m favoring one over the other. It’s the closest one and it was hit by the typhoon — Luzon was spared,” Duterte noted.