Take on the harshest terrain with the dragon of tires

Enter the land dragon

Professional off-road racing is familiar territory to anyone who’s ever explored the Philippine hinterlands. Uneven, muddy terrain strewn with rocks the size of basketballs, unpredictable weather that can turn a sunny day in the field into a raging river of soil and debris — these are conditions that tell any off roader to either go big or go home.

These are exactly the terrain and road conditions that call for the big guns like CST’s Land Dragon CL-18 tires.

This professional grade tire is made for serious off-roading with 4x4 SUVs. One look and you’ll know it can’t possibly be legal for use on ordinary roads. The aggressive, all-terrain look is specially made for roughing it. The treads on the Land Dragon CL-18 are chunky, and there is no mistaking that they are meant to go through mud and rocks.

The quadrate design in its shoulder improves traction, the square sidewalls extreme look is thanks to large shoulder lugs that dramatically improves side protection for the tire.

A wide groove in the middle of the tread and the convex strip on the underside boosts the tire’s capacity to expel mud and drain water off the tread. The tread is designed to eject rocks and provide that extra protection against tread damage from sharp rocks and other debris that will puncture lesser tires.

The tire is constructed with an extreme off-road bias tire with a special design that rolls over whatever terrain it encounters

It will get you anywhere and ahead in professional off-road competitions. Clearly, CST’s Land Dragon CL-18 is only for those who mean to rule.