BTS: See you in Seoul, March 2022

Published December 3, 2021, 5:22 PM

by Seven Bueno

We can finally watch BTS live, ARMYs!

Inglewood, CA – Today was the fourth day of the first-ever physical concert of BTS in two years, and they had a special announcement as the end screen of the event streamed online.

BTS’ latest concert announcement

As the ARMYs anticipate the government’s decision whether or not the Bangtan Boys shall enter the military for their mandatory service, BTS, who just finished their first physical live concert performance at the SoFi Stadium tonight, announced that the venue of their next concert will be in Seoul, South Korea.

Given that the country opens its borders to Filipinos and other foreigners from Asia, this will be a huge opportunity for fans from the Asian and Southeast Asian region to finally meet their beloved idols.

Congratulations to BTS for a successful four-days-sold-out concert, and for the fans who finally met seven of the most popular Korean idols today.