Trillanes: Opposition embracing new challenges in communication strategy for 2022

Published December 2, 2021, 5:32 PM

by Raymund Antonio

Communication strategies for the 2022 elections are “very challenging,” former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said, noting that the opposition’s own TikTok team has to be “creative” in trying to reach voters.

Vice President Leni Robredo and former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV share the stage during the People’s Council meeting held in Batangas City on Nov. 10, 2021. (OVP)

He remarked that the opposition’s TikTok team has been talking about things that no one can imagine.

Trillanes again came to the defense of presidential hopeful Vice President Leni Robredo’s viral TikTok video, which he argued was a hit in its intended market.

“Sabi ko nga, ‘yung nangyari kay (I said that what happened to) VP, it is a novel approach. Masyado lang harsh ang iba na (Others are just too harsh that) they want VP Leni to do this the way they envision,” he said in an online interview on Wednesday night, Dec. 1.

“Gusto nilang imolde sa kanila. Grabe na ‘yung (They want to mold her to them. The) communications strain (is too much). Masyadong (It is too) complex,” Trillanes, who was running as senator under Robredo’s ticket, added.

The Vice President was seen doing imaginary energy blast attacks against issues that hound the 2022 elections in her controversial TikTok gimmick. These energy attacks were aimed at the words “magnanakaw (thief),” “sinungaling (liar),” and “taksil sa bayan (traitor to the country).”

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Depending on who is asked, Robredo performed either a “Hadouken” from the Street Fighter video game series or a “Kamehameha wave” from the anime series, Dragon Ball.

Trillanes himself did the same thing in his own TikTok account to show support for Robredo’s video who some, even by her supporters, saw as campy and cringe-worthy.

To date, the former senator said the video has 6.5 million views, which triggered the attention of many and engaged them to watch the vice president’s other videos.

This isn’t her first foray into TikTok. She collaborated recently with popular social media influencer Mimiyuuuh.

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Trillanes even compared this to a video of President Duterte dancing in 2016. He once joined the 2:30 dance craze for a campaign sortie.

“Talagang grabe talaga, kakaiba (It’s really different). But it was fun. A lot of Filipinos found it fun na hindi sya (that he is not) stiff, then okay lang iyon (that’s okay),” he said.