Maja Salvador, Andrea Brillantes advocate healthy lifestyle and wellness

Published December 1, 2021, 8:28 PM

by Robert Requintina

From left: Maja Salvador, Rhea Tan, and Andrea Brillantes

Ever wonder what Kapamilya stars Maja Salvador and Andrea Brillantes take to boost their health?

We asked Maja and Andrea to spill their health must-haves, so you can be healthy and glowing like you’re famous, too!

As health and wellness advocates, Maja and Andrea know a thing or two about staying fit and strong.

These days, Maja and Andrea also use social media to stay in touch with fans, share updates about their life and future projects, and even reveal their health and beauty secrets.

“Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters is the perfect set of supplements that are ideal for my lifestyle. I am a firm believer in balance – there’s a time to work and a time to unwind and have fun. But what is constant in my life is my conscious effort to stay healthy,” said Maja during the 12th anniversary celebration of Beautederm held at the Novotel Manila in Araneta City recently.

Maja added: “Health is one of the most important aspects in my life that I really take the time to focus on every day. This is the reason why I am taking charge of my health with Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters, which is the perfect set of supplements for me.”

Rhea Anicoche-Tan, President and CEO of Beautederm Corporation, said she is happy that one of her dreams came true with the official launch of health boosters.

“We have been working on Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters for a very long time, and now that it is finally here. I could say that it is worth the wait. Even before the pandemic, I have always been very conscious about my health and now more than ever, we all need to strengthen our immune system in order to survive to work hard for our families and loved ones. I am one with Maja in advocating a balanced, healthy lifestyle,” said Rhea.

Andrea said: “A well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is very significant to maintain nowadays. With Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters, I am able to take charge of my health confidently as these essential supplements are providing me with energy and extra protection every day. I cannot be more excited to share these health boosters with everyone.”

Rhea also pointed out the need to boost our immune system during the pandemic.

“The pandemic has taught and reminded us so many things – that we should be grateful for all the many blessings God continues to shower to all of us, that family is very precious, and that we should always take care of our health. We need to boost our immune system and take care of not just our bodies, but also our minds as well,” she said.

Rhea added: “Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters is my small contribution to making sure that everyone is in tip-top shape and healthy. I welcome Andrea and Maja to the family as they are an amazing addition to the group. I agree with them a hundred percent that we all need to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.”