PAL opens new Iloilo routes, links to Cebu & Mindanao


Philippine Airlines (PAL) is expanding its Iloilo services by relaunching routes from Iloilo to Cebu and General Santos City on December 7, 2021 and from Iloilo to Davao on December 8, 2021.

The expanded route network will increase connectivity between Visayas and Mindanao in time for the peak holiday season.

Beyond the holidays, the new flights will foster economic recovery as various parts of Visayas and Mindanao re-open for business and tourism.

Starting December 7, 2021, PAL will deploy once weekly flights to link Iloilo with Mactan Cebu and General Santos City : PR 2380 Cebu-Iloilo departing 07:00 AM every Tuesday PR 2381 Iloilo-Cebu departing 12:30 PM every Tuesday PR 2891 Iloilo-General Santos departing 08:30 AM every Tuesday PR 2892 General Santos-Iloilo departing 10:35 AM every Tuesday.

Starting December 8, 2021, PAL will resume once weekly flights between Davao and Iloilo: PR 2539 Davao-Iloilo departing 10:50 AM every Wednesday PR 2340 Iloilo-Davao departing 12:45 PM every Wednesday.

“As travel restrictions ease, we are happy to reopen these prime routes to and from Iloilo City to host more passengers this Christmas season," confirmed Senior Assistant Vice President for Philippine Sales Harry Inoferio.

"These new routes will help revive domestic tourism. We also hope to restore more of our pre-pandemic routes and mount new services in the coming months,” he added.

The three new routes will complement PAL’s current regular Manila-Iloilo and Iloilo-Manila services.

Iloilo residents can fly nonstop to GenSan, Cebu and Davao rather than take a circuitous routing via Manila, and vice versa.