Luis and Jessy planning a baby next year

Published November 25, 2021, 6:50 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Jessy Mendiola (left) and Cathy Valencia

With one month to go before 2020 ends, a radiant Jessy Mendiola said she is definitely not getting pregnant anytime soon “due to some business commitments.” However, she revealed that she and husband Luis Manzano are planning to have a baby in 2022, and they would like their firstborn to be a girl.

The newly-married showbiz couple are temporarily living in a rental home in Alabang which they showed off in a vlog recently. The idea was to be near Luis’ mother, Rep. Vilma Santos and her husband, Sen. Ralph Recto.

Luis and Jessy plan to stay in the South for at least two years before they move to their own dream home in the exclusive Greenmeadows Subdivision in Quezon City. It will be recalled that Luis inherited the property from his mother while he was in his 20s. Right now, it’s being demolished from the ground up to make way for a completely new abode where the Manzanos will share domestic bliss with their soon-to-be children. No less than the prestigious Hong Kong-based Design 852 firm is in charge of the whole project.

“My Howhow likes to have five kids, but I told him ‘No! We’re not having a basketball team. I think three children will be perfect,” she laughed.

Jessy Mendiola

Jessy revealed that she is also sharing in the cost of the construction of their conjugal home. “Lumaki kasi ako na bata pa, nagta-trabaho na and may ipon naman. Sinabi ko naman na as long as kaya ko, I will share. Iba-iba naman ang opinion ng mag-asawa about these things but Luis and I agreed early on that we should always be vocal and transparent about financial matters.””

Aside from the QC dwelling, Luis and Jessy also dream to have a beachside home in Batangas. “But that’s in the near future, not now. We’re taking it one step at a time.”

Jessy said she and Luis are really saving money to support their future family goals. She said she does not belong to any major network at the moment. “You know that work in the movies can take a toll on you. I have to take care of myself now to prepare for the baby. I’ve said the same thing to Luis, that he should slow down and prioritize his health.”

The mestiza actress said she is kept busy by their businesses as a couple and her YouTube vlog where has more than 800,000 followers right now. She is also thankful for the numerous brand endorsements. The latest was yesterday, Nov 24, when Jessy signed a contract as the latest muse of Cathy Valencia Skin Care Clinic. (ANNALYN S. JUSAY)