5-year-old boy getting invites to play piano at weddings

Published November 25, 2021, 12:04 PM

by Glazyl Masculino

BACOLOD CITY – A five-year-old boy here is now gaining recognition in social media after he was seen playing piano in a wedding event.

Eliel Chadd Taguines is the son of Gilbert Taguines and event stylist /coordinator Jinky Genobata-Taguines.

While Chadd was in his mother’s womb, his parents played music using phones and let him hear it. According to Jinky, they learned that it helps stimulate babies and make them musically inclined.

Thus, when Chadd turned one year old, they bought him a small toy piano as they wanted him to at least know how to play a musical instrument.

Chadd’s love for piano and music developed, thus they bought him bigger versions of toy pianos year after year.

During his 4th birthday, his parents gave him a real piano, which enabled him to identify sounds.

5-year-old Eliel Chadd Taguines has been wowing people in Bacolod City for his ability to play the piano at wedding events. (Photo courtesy of Jinky Genobata-Taguines/Manila Bulletin)

“We noticed a potential when he started playing music that he usually hears from what he is watching,” Jinky said.

Jinky said Chadd kept on repeating the original soundtrack (OST) of a show and tried to look for a piano tutorial online.

The first song that he played was the OST from Hotel Transylvania, Kraken the Monster Song.

“With this, we try to reward him and recognize him always with little achievements,” she said, adding that they are always surprised whenever he plays his piano because he can play the song on his own, especially when he heard it many times.

Jinky said Chadd is also well familiar with her profession as she has been bringing him to her events. “Chadd grew up and saw with his own eyes how events are done, especially weddings.”

Chadd started playing piano in events just this year at the age of five, Jinky said.

Among many songs, he can play his favorite pieces such as Beautiful in White, Riverflows in you, Kiss the rain, Canon, and Can’t Help Falling in Love, and Ballade Pour Adeline.

What is more amusing is that Chadd plays the piano without notes and performs through memorization, according to Jinky.

Chadd is also interested in singing, dancing. He also loves reading books.

“As parents, we encourage him to always practice and never neglect his piano,” Jinky said.

She further said that they want him to pursue formal piano lessons, noting that he still needs to learn the basics. In fact, there were offers for him to take piano and voice lessons.

Chadd also got requests for collaboration with local artists, and invitations from churches and an organizer of a musical event for a cause, according to Jinky.

However, the mother stressed that they don’t want to pressure Chadd as they value his happiness.

“Kung ano lang makaya niya at ma-enjoy niya lang and ginagawa niya,” she said.