Yes, affordable French skincare is here!

Look effortlessly radiant, and it starts with this easy skincare regimen

French chic—we've always heard that compliment when it comes to style. It's effortlessly classy. And what about French beauty? Tousled hair that literally gives the impression of "I just woke up, but I'm ready for work" look, and barely there makeup with a touch of red lippies. Oh, how we long to pull off that look. Simple, easy, but powerful.

Then, there's also their simplified skincare routine with products that are mindful and hardworking. One such brand that has finally arrived in the Philippines is Varens Beauté Bio, a clean and vegan skincare brand that's Ecocert-certified that's 100 percent made in France.

Five products are now available locally, including Soin Hydrants that restores moisture with its hyaluronic acid and aloe vera pulp, Soin Vitaminé that's filled with powerful antioxidants that protects the skin from aggressors and works on cell renewal, Soin Revitalisant that has active collagen boosters to reduce signs of aging, Soin Nourissant with avocado oil and shea butter to beat dry and irritated skin, Soin Beauté Du Regard that has caffeine and green tea to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Best news of all, they're all priced at P499 each.