Only fully vaccinated individuals allowed in indoor basketball games in Antipolo City

Published November 20, 2021, 8:03 AM

by Nel Andrade

The city government reminds basketball players and their audience that the “no-vaccine, no play or watch” policy will strictly be implemented in indoor basketball games in Antipolo City.

The office of Mayor Andrea Bautista Ynares, in a Facebook post, warned residents of sanctions should they be found not adhering to the health protocols set by the national health authorities.

As basketball, a contact sports, has been allowed as the city and the rest of the province are now under Alert Level 2 quarantine status, the city government, in coordination with the barangay offices in Antipolo, will be strictly checking the vaccination cards of both the players and the spectators before they are allowed to play or watch the game.

Only 12 years old and above are allowed to play contact sports in the city.

Unvaccinated players or audience will not be allowed in the indoor basketball game or any other contact sports, according to the city government.

Players and the audience who are symptomatic will also not be allowed to enter the covered court, gymnasium and other indoor contact sports venues.

The use of the city’s QR code, the Bantay COVID-19 QR Code, for contact tracing will still be required for both players and their viewers.

Barangay safety officers will be the one checking the compliance of both the players and the audience.

The city government said if the barangay cannot strictly implement the guidelines, playing basketball games or any contact sports will be banned. (Nel Andrade)