Neighborhood art and exciting food choices at SM Aura’s SkyPark

Published November 20, 2021, 10:37 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

For three weekends (& there’s hope it’ll be extended), SM Aura’s SkyPark will be the home to an exciting collaborative pop-up between the Mall, Vinyl On Vinyl, and Re-Poblacion. What that translates to for the uninitiated is that for the weekends of Nov. 20 to 21, 27 to 28 and Dec. 4 to 5, it’s like the hip neighborhood of Poblacion has risen from Makati, and taken a temporary home at SM Aura—bringing with it the neighborhood community vibe of art, music, and novel Food Choices that it’s known for. Present for the launch of this collaboration, there really was a festive note in the air, and I’m sure these weekends will be a great success. 

The photos here capture just who are participating; and in the Food arena alone, there’s a multitude of reasons to head to the SkyPark and indulge. I personally have tried and love the Moloko cookies, the food at Cafe Fleur and Agimat, the drinks of A’ Toda Madre, and was hearing great things about the Detroit-style pizza of E.A.P.P.O.C. These are the pubs and restos that make up the once again thriving scene of Poblacion, and how great is it to find them assembled at Aura’s SkyPark.

As for Vinyl On Vinyl, the different artists assembled made for a loose confederation of the hip and savvy. It’s street Art and artisan crafts brought to the fore and should make for exciting strolls for the mall-goers who reach this area of SM Aura. It’s like you’ve gone and set up a mini-Montmarte, the district in Paris where local artists and vendors set up their wares on cobblestoned streets. Here, you’re right by Paw Park and the giant installations—all of which have gone extra playful with the help of Boysen Paints.

The photos will speak volumes of the atmosphere created during the launch of this market day and how fun it’ll be – far better than I can describe. Head over to SM Aura to be part of the excitement. Imbibe the art, and indulge in the food.