Lacson says better carbon emission testing, reforestation part of his climate change program

Fearing that the world might die by year 2100, Partido Reporma chairman and standard-bearer Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson on Wednesday, Nov. 17 said he has been taking the issue of climate change seriously for the sake of future generations who will inherit the Philippines.

In a recent radio interview in Bacolod city, Lacson said he wants to implement better carbon emission testing and reforestation programs as part of his initial plans to curb global warming if he wins the 2022 presidential race.

The presidential aspirant noted that corruption also runs rampant at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when it comes to its vehicle emission testing process, which needs to stop in deference to the Clean Air Act.

“Kung sino ‘yung naglagay, hindi naman talaga tine-test ‘yung carbon emission bibigyan ng certification (Whoever pays a bribe, even if the vehicle was not tested for carbon emission, receives a certification),” Lacson told radio man Serge Santillan over his program.

The incumbent senator added that the government must pursue more tree planting activities to revitalize our forests nationwide, which might have been denuded by illegal logging operations.

He also expressed concerns over the world’s continuing dependence on fossil fuels.

“Alam mo, ito, dire consequence ‘yung posible. Nabasa ko ito somewhere. By year 2100, baka wala na tayong Earth pagka hindi ‘yung tinatawag na fossil (You know, this is the possible dire consequence. I read this somewhere. By year 2100, we might no longer have an Earth if the so-called fossil continues),” Lacson said.

Countless scientific studies showed that carbon dioxide produced during fossil fuel combustion for electricity, transportation, and other human activities is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, one of the leading causes of global warming.

“The next generation sila ‘yung makakaranas ‘nung sinasabi nilang wala na, wala nang Earth, kasi inabuso ng tao ‘yung ating planet Earth. So, ito, hindi natin iniisip, pero ang tinataas ng tubig ngayon parang nasa mga two inches, two centimeters per year yata (The next generation is going to experience what they predict as the death of planet Earth because of human environmental abuse. While we do not want to think about it, I believe our sea levels keep rising at two inches, two centimeters per year),’’ Lacson warned.

In view of these continuing developments, the Partido Reporma presidential bet said he appreciates the recently concluded 2021 United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where global leaders met to discuss these environmental concerns.

Lacson welcomed the $100-billion pledge of the United States in aid of poorer countries, which remain at higher risk to the adverse impact of climate change. He is hoping that other first-world nations would follow suit.

“Kasi hindi kaya ng Pilipinas ito. Maliit lang tayo e. Dapat ‘yung malalakas na bansa ang tumutulong talaga rito at nangunguna (Because the Philippines cannot do it alone. We are just a small nation. Stronger countries must really help on this fight and take the lead),” he said.

The two-week conference in Scotland delivered a major win in resolving the rules around carbon markets, but it did little to assuage the vulnerable countries’ concerns about long-promised climate financing from rich nations, according to a Reuters report.

Countries participating in the UN-backed annual meetings aim to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, the limit scientists say would avert the worst effects of climate change, in accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement.