The Bacolod food haven

Serving Bacolod City's best to those who are aware of them—and miss them

Felicia’s Bake Shop products

The Commissariat Manila is a food aggregator that proudly brings the best of Bacolod and Iloilo food products to the Manila market. It’s spearheaded by the brother-sister team of Gino Asensio Lopez and Monique Lopez Ong, and it’s really been a godsend for those thinking of great gifts of food packages for this holiday season.

The Commissariat Manila was established by Gino and Monique to bring the favorites in pastries, cakes, chorizos, and bottled seafood from the Visayas, in particular Bacolod City, to those who are aware of them, and miss them. These are the traditional favorites, brought by people traveling from Bacolod to Manila and it’s great to know how these freshly baked or prepared treats, are regularly flown in from Bacolod to Manila, and form the core of The Commissariat’s offerings.

Primary to the Commissariat’s lineup are the delicacies coming from Felicia’s Bake Shop. Established in the 1970’s by the Lacson sisters, the kitchen is now run by the next generation, with the Ensaymadas and Cheese Rolls the most popular. My personal favorites are the Lemon Crisps, their Turron de Pili, and the heirloom Potato Cake, which comes in a super-convenient tin can.

the bakeshop's heirloom cakes in tin cans

Besides this renowned Potato Cake, try their Swiss Chocolate Cake and Butter Cake. There are also Almond Crisps, Almondettes, and their Pili Crumble. You’ll enjoy all these products, and the sooner you get your hands on them, you’ll appreciate my recommending them.

Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo Recado products

The Ereñeta-Manaloto Chorizo Recado or Hamonado Bilog, and the new Chorizo Mozzarella, are also offered by The Commissariat, fast becoming a favorite of those fortunate enough to have been introduced to the line of products. This is also a Bacolod brand, as are Casa Carmela’s Bacolod in a bottle line of seafood products, Crazy Rich Crabs, Sexy Squid, Chorizo Pudpud, and the signature Papa Daniel’s Bangus.

Head to The Commissariat website, or visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to learn more about the Commissariat service, and their wonderful limited edition Christmas sets, a medley of Felicia’s Ensaymadas and Cheese Rolls, with a selection of the goodies in cans.