UERM doctors star in ‘Si Leni Lang’ music video

Published November 11, 2021, 10:56 AM

by Raymund Antonio

A batch of “kakampink doctors” from a Manila-based medical school has posted a music video tribute to Vice President Leni Robredo, who is seeking the presidency in May 2022.

A ‘kakampink’ doctor of UERM Batch ‘84 performs in the “Si Leni Lang” music video. The song supports Vice President Leni Robredo’s presidential run. (Ricky Mendoza/Facebook)

Doctors from the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERM) produced a music video in support of Robredo’s presidential bid using the tune of The Beatles’ “Penny Lane.”

The video, titled “Si Leni Lang (Only Leni),” showed various doctors lip-syncing to the song with some flashing the L (laban or fight) hand sign. The song runs for three minutes.

“This video was produced by Kakampink of UERM Batch 1984 #LabanLeni2022 #LabanLeniKiko2022,” uploader Ricky Mendoza said of the video, which has now been shared more than 1,900 times. It has garnered over 3,400 reactions and 39 comments.

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Part of the lyrics read: “Si Leni ang kandidatong dapat iboto / Sya’s malinis, matalino at matino (Leni is the only candidate you should vote / She’s clean, intelligent, and decent).”

The lyrics highlighted that Robredo has a clean record in government with zero corruption issues, and touted her ability to help the country rise from poverty.

“Si Leni lang, pag-asa ng ating bayan (Leni is the only hope of our nation),” it said.

After the music video circulated online, it did not last long for the UERM doctors to remain unnoticed by Robredo as they received a compliment from their Palace bet.

“I am floored (pink heart emoticon) Thank you very much to the Kakampink Doctors of UERM Batch 1984,” Robredo wrote on Facebook on Thursday, Nov. 11.

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Another pro-Robredo adaptation of the song—with different lyrics—was also uploaded by a netizen on YouTube shortly after the lady official announced her candidacy for president.

Another Beatles song, “Let It Be,” has also been adapted for Robredo by her supporters. They titled it “Leni Be”.

The Beatles rose to stardom in the 1960s and 1970s, and were even invited to the Philippines during the Martial Law regime.

One of the band members, George Harrison, said in a prior interview that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos “tried to kill us”.

Reports said the group was bullied into turning over the profit of their 1966 concert in the Philippines after they refused to perform for a private audience at Malacañang.

Since then, the surviving band members have never set foot on the country again. They’ve even reportedly rejected interview requests from Filipino journalists.