CHED: Over 1M college students vaccinated vs COVID-19

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said that more than one million tertiary students have already received at least the first dose of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine.


CHED Chairman Popoy De Vera, in a message to reporters on Nov. 10, said that the number of students who have already received at least the first dose of vaccine is “close to 30 percent of all students enrolled.”

Based on the data from CHED, there are 3, 330, 352 tertiary students nationwide.

In October, CHED formally launched its “Padyak Para sa Flexible Learning: Sama-samang Vaccination Program.” The vaccination caravan aims to encourage more students and higher education personnel to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

De Vera said that the vaccination caravan --- will be brought to different parts of the country --- aims to highlight the urgency of vaccination and encourage all education personnel, faculty, administrators and students to immediately get vaccinated.


“We are targeting November and December as vaccination months for higher ed students,” De Vera added.

In a press conference early this month, De Vera said that the CHED and the government are eyeing to vaccinate all tertiary students before the end of the year.

De Vera said vaccination provides “another level of safety” for both students and the faculty in higher education institutions (HEIs) especially as the country prepares for the resumption of limited face-to-face for all degree programs by next year.

“We only opened exclusively for students recently,” De Vera said. CHED hoped to vaccinate all three millions college students before the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, De Vera assured that the vaccination caravan of CHED will run until all students and faculty in higher education are all vaccinated.


De Vera also expressed confidence that more students and faculty will get vaccinated since “there is no vaccine hesitancy in higher education.”

“Whenever I go, I have not seen vaccination hesitancy on the students,” De Vera said.

CHED is also pushing for school-based vaccination since there are vaccines dedicated for students.

He noted that vaccination in schools also has a positive impact since it gives the students a “sense of normalcy” as they get to enter the campus and see their classmates and teachers who they have not seen face-to-face for a long time.