Published November 6, 2021, 11:13 AM

by Mike Lim

Handsome Celebrity (HC) arrived at his meeting in one of his cars, which surprised many onlookers. Seeing HC finally was also a treat for those within the area. With the pandemic restrictions eased a bit, many saw HC and were impressed at the way he conducted himself.

After a moment, the onlookers saw HC in a hurry. They presumed he was done with his meeting but wondered why he was in a rush. Meanwhile, HC spoke to Trusted Staff (TS) and instructed TS to ride in the production van and not in his car. Usually, most celebrities travel with a staff at their beck and call. The staff takes charge of the needs, such as wardrobe, script, food, and others, of the celebrity boss. More importantly, the staff knows the deepest secrets that could tarnish the image of a celebrity. However, TS is very loyal to HC.

HC thought the coast was clear and within seconds, his car arrived. Then he noticed the Production Staff (PS) was behind him. Too late, as the driver of his car was already visible. HC suddenly explained to PS why male Close Friend (CF) was driving. HC said they were going to the same venue for an event. PS did not even ask why CF was in the car, but acknowledged HC. Of course, seeing HC and CF together raised eyebrows.

‘We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. We’re a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don’t really have an explanation for.’ ― Malcolm Gladwell

Unexpected Extravagance

Hunk Dude (HD) caught the attention of Female Companion (FC) and they hit it off. HD and FC became friends and constant companions. Seeing the two together was not surprising as they had common friends in the same circle. The two were not committed to other personalities, which was a perfect situation. However, FC seemed cautious when associated with any male personality.

Nonetheless, HD seemed special and she gave him more than attention.

One day, HD was shocked to see the gift FC bought for him. The luxurious gift made HD uncomfortable, as the item was lavish. Allegedly, he felt FC was acting like a sugar mommy with the gift. HD turned down the gift, but FC said that it was already in his name. HD could not believe FC was that generous. Nonetheless, nothing was free and FC set a condition.

FC told HD that if they’ll be constantly together, he should stop seeing Older Benefactor (OB). OB is not unfamiliar with cute boys and the stories of her own way of fulfilling their needs are loud whispers in the grapevine. The condition was not an issue with HD, as he felt like a lottery winner with FC.
As time passed, HD realized that FC was wary of a high-profile relationship. FC often deflected stories that touched on her alleged past relationships. With him, the secrecy of their relationship is safe.

“Being gifted doesn’t mean you’ve been given something. It means, you have something to give.’ ― pleasefindthis