Come and explore the highlands of Cebu City

Published November 4, 2021, 1:31 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

It’s about time to put the spotlight to the Queen City of the South’s mountainous areas

Fresh air, luscious greneries, and a cool temperature that sometimes causes zero visibility in the area. At first, some might think that locally, it can only happen in the mountainous areas of Northern Luzon such as in Baguio and Sagada. Unknown to many, the Queen City of the South—Cebu City, also has their own version of it. 

After feeding one’s eyes from the breathtaking view of the beaches along Mactan, just a 30 to 45 minutes of travel, one can find himself at the equally beautiful mountainous area of Cebu City. And this part of the island doesn’t only offer different hiking adventures for the thrill seekers, but also has a lot to give to those who want to take a break from the city life. 

Recharging the soul

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there’s Soul Sierra Spa and Wellness. This is a retreat place that offers holistic healing experience for the mind, body, and soul. 

Located at  the far north of Busay in Barangay Babag, this center has different activities for those who are seeking meditation. Some of the activities visitors can do are cacao ceremony, yoga, reiki, and sound healing. 

Cacao ceremony is an old tradition that originated in Myan and Aztec traditions. This activity promotes awakening, inner healing, and has a medical purpose. Meanwhile, Reiki is a Japanese practice that promotes energy healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.

Apart from these, Soul Sierra is also a picturesque location. The garden itself will give a different kind of relaxation to its visitors. The establishment also has a pool and caters overnight accommodation. 

Sustainable vacation

For those who are curious or longing for farm life that promises sustainable, eco-friendly vacation, there’s Adlawon vacation farm. 

This vacation farm offers accommodation, relaxation, and farm-to-table food choices in their restaurant. This establishment in the mountains is perfect for a family vacationer with kids. Aside from sustainable food, Adlawon also has different activities for the whole family such as parlor games, dinner under the stars, and bonfire. Roaming around the area, visitors can see and experience farming, fish feeding, and even woodworking. The area also houses different plants and trees such as the Palawan Cherry Blossom, mulberry trees, and different types of orchids. 

Blooms and Greens

And speaking of different types of plants, also located in this mountain area of Cebu City is the Blooms and Greens. Owned by architect Jaime Chua, this is a 1.7 hectares of farm and plant nursery that houses different types of plants with the price range that goes as high as P50,000 per leaf! Yes, per leaf.  

Currently, the Blooms and Greens is a home to 5,000 kinds of plants and it specializes in anthuriums, philodendrons, orchids, bougainvillea, and monsteras. Plantitas and plantitos from across the country are buying plants from this garden. Sometimes, if a customer is looking for a plant that is not available, architect Chua says that they are procuring it for the customer as long as they are willing to wait. 

Aside from rich aquatic life, beautiful beaches, and gastronomic food choices, Cebu City definitely has a lot more to offer. And this time, it’s about time to put the spotlight on the mountainous area. 

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