Axie Infinity Philippines channel hacked, more than P5 million stolen

By Eli Rabadon

Users of the Discord channel of Axie Infinity Philippines were tricked into clicking links sent by a hacked Discord Bot that contains a fake website. Once the user clicks the link, the user's Metamask would pop up as if confirming the existence of the cryptocurrency wallet. When the user confirms, the wallet would then send 0.1 ETH or equivalent to P21,799. The cybercriminal scammed more than 150 Philippine users of the Axie Infinity Discord channel. The attack also affected the main Discord Channel of Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity PH was hacked

The hacker has executed the heist by taking over a privileged Discord Bot at the Axie Infinity PH Official Discord Channel.

Users received a broadcast message from the hacked bot with malicious links.

The hacker then programmed the fake website to send 0.1 ETH to the hacker's wallet.

The link contains a script that would send 0.1 ETH to the wallet of the hacker.

The hacker was able to steal more than 20 ETH or more than 5 million pesos.

The hack was believed to have affected more than 150 users.

After the incident, a user using the handle @racist posted at the fake website, "beamed up by racist! up your security u bunch of larpers," with a link to Twitter that says, "Thanks @axieinfinity."

This was posted on the fake website.