Take a refreshing trip to the other side of Tagaytay

It’s safe to say that we’ve all been to Tagaytay. Whether early in our childhood, that first date, or when we attended a family event, we’ve all experienced the cold breeze and the views of this beautiful and majestic ridge.

That being said, we have also experienced very busy weekends in Tagaytay, a long line of cars and motorbikes on the road that ends up exactly where you need to be. Parking can be a problem. Then you feel the excitement of your trip turn into hunger pangs and fits of frustration.

The good news is, you have the option after the lockdowns to travel to a serene and peaceful place that is close to Tagaytay. You still get to experience nature, and the cooler climate as you explore the hidden beauty of Silang, Cavite.

The municipality of Silang is said to be among the oldest towns in Cavite and is about a two-hour drive from Manila. We drove around and discovered pineapple plantations and several bed-and-breakfast accommodations.

Chateau Hestia: A pleasant surprise

A hidden sanctuary a few kilometers from the highway of Tagaytay is Chateau Hestia, a bed-and-breakfast garden restaurant. This is such a pleasant discovery after a few turns of the steering wheel from the beaten path. A quick check on Google Map or Waze will give you the direction on how to get there.

Enjoy good food and jazz music at Chateau Hestia's garden restaurant.

Chateau Hestia offers delectable European cuisine coupled with our well-known Filipino hospitality to guests. Experience the exclusivity of the natural surroundings as you eat, stay for a night or two, or just walk around and take pictures.

The garden restaurant offers its sumptuous osso bucco and risotto, which is a very generous serving of melt-in-your-mouth beef shank and risotto. This dish, along with other Chateau Hestia favorites, is highly recommended by regular patrons. Enjoy the five-cheese and prosciutto with arugula pizzas with wine and for dessert, partake of the burnt cheesecake, which is heaven to the palate.

Take the family, your other half, or round-up the barkada posse and be serenaded by a saxophonist as you have your merienda, lunch, or dinner. Fall in love with each other or with the flavorful food, which is highly recommended.

If you want to stay the night, plush casitas or suites are available. Cottages with a jacuzzi, steam bath, garden view, and a big veranda are available. This is such a welcome respite from the sounds and rush of city life.

Explore more of Silang

We later chanced upon Casa Carmen, a charming location used for events and photoshoots. A great place to just walk around, bask in the sun, and take pictures.

Drop by Casa Carmen, which is surrounded by gardens and tropical forest.

The area is surrounded by well-manicured gardens and tropical forest and is certainly a wonderful sight that is both Instagrammable and refreshing.

The municipality of Silang certainly has a lot to offer. It’s time to do further research on where to go and take that much-needed trip once it’s safe to go. This is certainly something to look forward to after the dreariness of being at home for a long time.