Is this Axel Torres' reaction to ex-GF AJ Raval's romance with Aljur Abrenica?

Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Axel Torres is currently making noise on social media.

This, after he posted edited photos of his former girlfriend AJ Raval on Instagram.

He used the lyrics of Olivia Rodrigo's "You Betrayed Me (Traitor)."

It read: "You'd talk to her / When we were together / Loved you at your worst / But that didn't matter / It took you two weeks / To go off and date her / Guess you didn't cheat / But you're still a traitor / Now you bring her around / Just to shut me down / Show her off like she's a new trophy / And I know if you were true / There's no damn way that you / Could fall in love with somebody that quickly."

Though the face of the woman was covered with emojis and such, netizens were quick to note that the subject is definitely AJ, reiterating one of the photos was shared by the 21-year-old sexy actress last June as she celebrated having 7 million followers on Facebook.

Note that AJ is currently being romantically linked to Aljur Abrenica.

Axel captioned the photo: "Right now, i’m standing here with nobody to love and my ex is probably out having fun, hooking up (smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat emoji) with the person that she told me not to worry about (clown face emoji) but it’s alright."

Colleagues in showbiz quickly reacted.

Alexa Miro wrote: "Tapang mo today ah."

But Axel replied: "it's a song Alexa (tongue-sticking-out emoji)."

Indeed, the lines were from Christian Gates' "Numb."

Director Theodore Boborol, on the other hand, said: "Awww sorry to hear that Axel."

While Ervic Vijandre commented with a hands up emoji.

 Kirst Viray added: "pakundisyon nalang tayo sa basketball."