Kris Aquino, Mel Sarmiento share their love story

Published October 28, 2021, 7:45 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

From left: Mel Sarmiento, Kris Aquino and Bimby Aquino (Instagram)

Newly engaged couple Kris Aquino and Mel Sarmiento recently shared to the public the story of how their relationship blossomed from acquaintances to friends and now to lovers and soon-to-be-married.

The couple asked Kris’ youngest son, Bimby’s help, in telling their love story via Q&A.

In there, Bimby asked first how and when Kris and Mel first met each other.

Apparently, Kris and Mel were introduced to each other back when Mel was serving as the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government under the term of her brother, President Benigno Aquino III.

Kris teased how then Mel was so “speechless” when they would cross paths.

But the former Mayor of Calbayog admitted that he was just so “starstruck” because he has a “crush” on Kris.

When they reconnected, Kris and Mel were able to get to each other so well and so fast that they didn’t notice they were always together already.

That’s why when Kris had the opportunity to dine with Mel’s two sons, she quickly apologized.

But the kids thanked the Queen of All Media for making their dad happy.

Kris admitted feeling touched upon hearing those messages.

Later, the seasoned TV host declared how she could no longer imagine her life without her fiancé.

Though more than anything, Kris reiterated how it mattered to her so much that Bimby likes Mel.

Kris then revealed that their “month-sary” was the month after her brother died.

In terms of her relationship with Mel, she said they’re still a “continuing work in progress.”

“We’re trying our best to work things out. We’re still adjusting pa rin.”

Bimby then asked Mel how he courted Kris.

Which Kris interrupted, reminding Mel not to shock Bimby.

Then later revealed herself, that out of the blue, Mel kissed her.

“Sabi ko parang ang lakas ng loob… Then I asked him, for someone so shy, paano mo nagawa yun?”

Mel quipped: “Hindi ko mapigilan… She didn’t stop me!”

Bimby then teased the couple, deeming Mel’s move as “suave.”

On the other hand, the young Aquino capped off the interview by asking Kris and Mel what they wanted to tell each other.

“Aalagaan kita at kasama mo ako sa buong buhay natin,” Mel told his fiancée.

Kris replied with: “Thank you, babe!” Then Mel planted a sweet kiss on Kris’ lips.

As for Kris, she said: “Me, all I want to say is that for the longest time – kasi si Kuya (Josh; her eldest son) has chosen to be independent in Tarlac. And you know, it really mattered to me na the man I would end up with will also really love Bimb. Because, wala, it’s really for so long just the two of us. And the fact na, you showed me talaga na with no hesitation that you’re ready to step in, and the fact that you try your best to make me happy, I really feel how much you love me, that’s why, parang ang tanga ko lang kung pakawalan pa kita… I love you with all my heart… Whatever’s left of my life, you have me.”