Chinese General Hospital warns public against fake negative RT-PCR results

Published October 27, 2021, 12:50 PM

by Jaleen Ramos

The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) has warned the public against individuals using its name to sell fake reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) negative test results.

(Photo from CGHMC’s official Facebook page)

“It has come to our attention that certain individuals are offering fake RT-PCR negative test results from Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center,” the CGHMC said in a statement on Saturday.

“This scheme is made by using an RT-PCR test result and altering the name and personal details of the patient who underwent the COVID testing. It is replaced with the name of another person and corresponding personal details,” it added.

The hospital said fake RT-PCR test results allow a person to obtain a negative RT-PCR test result without the need to undergo an actual swabbing procedure irrespective of his or her health status.

Moreover, it also “endangers public health and makes a mockery of the efforts of both public and private sectors including the medical front-liners who make daily sacrifices to safeguard public health and beat the pandemic,” the CGHMC said.

The hospital, meanwhile, said all of its COVID-19 test results carry a unique QR Code.

“The authenticity of our RT-PCR Results is verifiable by scanning the QR Code on the official test results which will link the holder to our secure website where one can view the patient’s information and test result as attested by qualified medical professionals,” it said.

“We implore the public to be very careful in accepting RT-PCR test results and to verify our test results through this method for their safety and peace of mind,” it added.

The CGHMC appealed to the public to obtain original and verifiable RT-PCR tests only from Department of Health-accredited molecular laboratory facilities.