SoFA’s Class of 2021 proves that the future of Filipino fashion is bright

The graduating students demonstrated their design prowess in ‘Raconteur’

They’re graduating with flying colors, literally. SoFA Design Institute’s Class of 2021 is a testament to how vibrant, diverse, and beautiful the future of local fashion is as they presented their design prowess during the school’s 10th graduation show.

Designs featured in the “Raconteur” SoFA Grad Show

Dubbed as “Raconteur,” the virtual fashion display showcases the works of the new breed of creatives honed and tutelage by the best professionals of the industry amid the pandemic. A French word meaning “a person who excels in telling anecdotes,” “Raconteur” puts in the spotlight narratives and messages of this year’s design proteges. But instead of words, they used threads and textiles to share their story to the world, playing with the themes of self-image, conflict, and choices.

“I have been fortunate to witness how eight amazing creatives passionately pour their hearts out to weave their own personal narratives in the past six months,” says Ramon Galicia, SoFA’s academic chairperson for Fashion. “The authenticity and passion that they embrace in the process make them exceptional raconteurs in their own rights.”

Presented in the show are the graduates of the BA Fashion Design & Marketing program, which are Neil Anthonie, Amanda Lising, Nahia Lloren, Danielle Mangana, Echo Alamar, Sofia Isabel, Nicole van Duijvenbode, and Kimi Felices. Joining them are the graduates of the Two-Year Fashion Design & Marketing course Adam Pereyra, Gerald Farofaldane, Paula Villasper, Clarisse Bathan, Ferdie Devilleres, Anya Ramos, Angel Naval, and Maria Gan.

Established by its president and co-founder Amina Aranaz close to fifteen years ago, SoFA Design Institute has been committed to professionalizing design, where the culture was hinged on encouraging authentic creativity. That mission continues until this day, while the country is in the middle of its fight against COVID-19. In 2020, the heart of its learning pedagogy, the “SoFA Method,” was reimagined and transformed for the online space. Born out of a pandemic, the “SoFA C.R.E.A.T.E.” program, which stands for Collaborative Remote Experience through Art & Transformative Education, was designed to push for creative and holistic growth while upholding the values of the institution to produce Design Leaders.

“It has at its core the values of critical thinking, creativity, and wellness,” the school says. “It has been thrilling to see and experience firsthand this brand new way of navigating the intricacies of the design process that respects the individuality and promotes the well-being of the creative learner, and aligns with the digitization of the design profession.”

“SoFA Design Institute is proud to introduce the new breed of fashion creatives who are capable of navigating today’s digital fashion landscape and able to move the Philippine design ecosystem forward,” it ends.

Watch the “Raconteur” SoFA Grad Show below or browse the collections’ lookbook here.