Navotas City starts COVID-19 vaccination for minors with comorbidities

Published October 22, 2021, 10:11 PM

by Allysa Nievera

The Navotas City government started its vaccination against COVID-19 for minors with comorbidities aged 12 to17 on Friday, Oct. 22.

(Photo from Navotas PIO)

The first day of the vaccination was held at Navotas City Hospital.

“We are finally able to start the immunization of children against COVID-19. They are now offered the same protection like us adults. They will now have the same privileges that only vaccinated individuals enjoy. And soon, going back to school and attending physical classes will be a reality,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

Individuals under the said category may register online at or they may visit their local health centers to register.

Registrants will receive a text message for their scheduled vaccination.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents/guardians and must present a medical certificate from a pediatrician. They must also show documents establishing the relationship of the minors and their accompanying adults, according to the city government.