Etiqa Philippines, a leading ASEAN insurer, goes unified

30,000 doctors and 1,600 accredited hospitals and clinics all in one roof

Etiqa Philippines, a leading ASEAN insurer, simplifies the selection process for individuals and corporate decision-makers by integrating life, health, and non-life in one unified approach.

A unified insurance approach can be significant especially for companies keen on safeguarding the welfare of their employees. Insurance has been one of the most complex benefits that companies look into. Many of them understand the need for protection for their employees but need guidance on which insurance plans are most suitable to their employee needs – and given their resources, how they prioritize the type of plans they sign up for. Currently, companies do not fully appreciate the value of talking to an insurance provider with a comprehensive insurance portfolio to help them in the decision-making process. Etiqa Philippines aims to help companies in making a smart choice for their employees.

Etiqa Philippines President and CEO Rico Bautista highlighted the goal to simplify and make even more relevant insurance for Filipinos.  “In the country, Etiqa Philippines is only one of the very few insurance providers with a composite license.  Because of this, we can offer the widest variety of insurance products in the market under one brand, one company, and one roof. This is what we mean by going unified.”, Bautista said. 

He added, “Many insurance providers oftentimes offer only selected plans – a missed opportunity for customers to avail themselves of potentially wider protection when a more comprehensive range of plans are presented for their selection.”  The options from Etiqa Philippines include Group Life, Group Health Insurance, Individual Life, and Non-Life.  Several of its flexible products are designed to fulfill various health, protection, savings, and investment needs for different segments in the Philippines.

Companies that have experienced the value of the unified insurance approach of Etiqa Philippines include leading telecommunications and media brands, heritage utility service providers, top eCommerce marketplaces, major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, national government agencies, a long list of multinational BPO firms, semiconductor producers, manufacturers, and the country’s most recognizable conglomerates.  Their employees benefit from one of the largest medical networks nationwide, comprising close to 30,000 doctors and 1,600 accredited hospitals and clinics.  More information about the unified approach of Etiqa Philippines is on